5 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Brand on Instagram and Gain Authentic Followers

Executive Summary:

  • Meaning of branding and the role of Instagram in it
  • Top 5 tips to achieve popularity on Instagram
  • Gaining authentic followers and likes through BuyBetterSocial

The extensive use of the internet is the order of the day. There are several ways and means on the internet which can be used to reach millions and billions of people out there. One of the very important media is social networking. The social networking sites are those which enable you to have a place in a virtual social circle. It can be used to gain publicity. In the Instagram terms, this is measured in the number of views and likes.

What is Branding?

  • Brand implies the identification name of a product or the company which manufactures that product.
  • Branding can be defined as the process of establishing the name and fame of your brand in the markets.
  • There are various publicity and marketing techniques put to use while achieving it. Given the outrage of the internet, social media marketing aces the list.
  • On Instagram, one can post posts about their products and make them known to their followers.

5 Tips to Attract More Followers on Instagram

In order to attract more and more followers on Instagram and to increase the reach on social media, here are some tips.

  1. Keep a simple but catchy username:
  • The username is the identity of your page. This is the name which will be used to refer to your page and posts.
  • The username should be small and simple. Too long and wordy usernames do not attract users. They need to be concise and precise.
  • It is best if they reflect the product to be marketed or the personality of the business owner.
  • The username should be memorable and unique. It should encompass all the aspects of what you want to deliver through the page.
  1. Use the top targeted words in the name field:
  • On Instagram, there are two distinct fields called username and name. In the username comes the word which identifies your page.
  • The name field comprises of the name which is other than the username. Your page can be identified and searched by this name as well. Hence, one should use this space correctly and wisely.
  • The keywords of your page and your products can be used here. One can use the words which are targeted in all the posts which will match the user searches.
  1. Optimize the bio and make it spell what the page stands for:
  • There is a field for writing the bio of the page. It is the short description of what the page represents.
  • It can depict the personality of the business owner as well. There is limited space assigned for this field. That is why you should use it to the best of your capacity.
  • You may take a few words to give a gist of who you are and then target your customers with the specifications of your product or the business.
  1. Combine the personal and professional accounts:
  • Most of the account holders on Instagram have separate personal and professional accounts.
  • The personal account is private and has posts reflecting the user’s personal life. On the other hand, the business account has posts referring to the advancements.
  • What’s missing in this segregation is the personal touch to the business account.
  • If users can find hints of the personal world of the businessperson on the Instagram page, it will give a beautiful amalgamation of personal and professional lives.
  1. Add a ‘call-to-action’ (CTA) link:
  • A CTA link directs the visitors to what they should do next. After reading the whole bio, they will be intrigued about how to approach you.
  • This is where the CTA link will play its part. It can be included in the second part of the bio.
  • There is a limit of 150 characters. So, you can save space by using emojis to develop a personality of your Instagram page.
  • If there is some new offer or new promo that you want the visitors to view, you can embed that as a CTA link.

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5 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Brand on Instagram and Gain Authentic Followers


Instagram is a great place for social media marketing. There are some basic ways to enhance your reach in the social media community which are given above.