How to Use Instagram Story Polls for More Fun and Success

Executive Summary:

  • Instagram stories are filled with engaging features like the Story Polls.
  • There are several ways in which story polls can be utilized to make it an easy, fun and interactive experience for your audience.
  • brings more high-quality audience to increase the views of your Instagram stories.

Instagram stories are an essential tool used to engage the audience effectively. With the advantage of putting stories to your highlights, one can showcase the story for at least 24 hours and then keep it in the highlights accordingly as a behind-the-scenes introspection on your brand or products. Apart from informing the audience with Instagram stories, a feature called Instagram Story Polls had made communication between the brand and the audience possible. It not only engages more audience but also makes it a fun experience and pulls in more and more audience to check Instagram Polls and see if they are on the majority side of the opinion or not. Thus, with such an engaging tool offered by Instagram, a brand can utilize it to its full potential and engage the audience into a fun and successful experience.

How does Instagram Story Polls Work?

  • Instagram Story Polls is a feature which allows your brand account to publish an Instagram story with a poll sticker.
  • The poll sticker is the type where there are two options- ‘YES’ or ‘NO’. The audience has to choose either of the two options.
  • You have the option to write down and customize the options according to the kind of poll you want to post.
  • The options can amount to a total of 22 characters only and not more than that.
  • The notifications of the results will be coming to you right under the story poll.
  • You can see who voted for which option in the poll.
  • You also see who did not vote but just viewed the story.
  • The 24 hours is applicable for the poll too. The poll results disappear too. Thus, to get the tally in time, set the alarm to check the results before it goes away.
  • The best tip can be to take a screenshot and then post it again and then include that screenshot to your highlights.

How can one use Instagram Story Polls

There are some steps to create an Instagram Story with Poll stickers.

It would be best if you created the Instagram story first

  1. Time or duration of this Instagram story is usually 15 seconds if you post a video.
  2. First, click the ‘You’ circle with your account’s image in it.
  3. You can also press and hold on this button and click an image or a video.
  4. You can also choose an image or a video from your gallery. You can also press the ‘Add to Your Story’ button.

Add the ‘Poll’ Sticker

  1. The poll sticker option is available on the top-right corner in square tile-like shape that looks like it can be pulled off.
  2. Choose that, and you will find several options.
  3. You will find the ‘POLL’ sticker there.

Input the question

  1. You can customize the question you will ask the viewers.
  2. Customize the answer options.
  3. You customize it by clicking on the text of the answer options.
  4. It must be within 22 characters.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your customized question and answers, press ‘Done’ and include it to your story.

Keep an eye on your notifications for this story

  1. Use for services like getting more views on your Instagram story .
  2. Keep an eye on the poll results from time to time within 24 hours to see which option is winning.
  3. View who voted for which options to understand why they voted based on their gender and demographics.

How to use Instagram Story Polls to engage the audience for fun and marketing?

  • Using fun content, including your brand or product, can engage more and more audience to your stories if you use funny polls in the Instagram Stories.
  • Add text and polls for product launching, like do you want to see what is under this box? and keep the sticker poll with options yes and no.
  • Give them some time and in the next story, launch your product.

Gather idea for content through Instagram Story Polls

  1. If you are to go ‘Live’ on Instagram in the week, make sure you use poll stickers to determine what your audience wants you to talk about.
  2. It will involve your audience into being given importance.
  3. You can also choose a blog post you are about to post with the help of Instagram Story Polls.
  4. Involve them in the process of deciding what content they want to see in the upcoming post or blog. It will make them feel involved and valuable.

Use Instagram Story Polls for Marketing and Sales

  1. If you are about to create a new product or even a new idea, get insights from your audience.
  2. With the help of poll stickers, you can show your audience a prototype of the kind of product you are about to launch and make them vote for one.
  3. You can send some test kits to influencers and let them vote as well as put up their opinions in your story with polls.

Thus, Instagram Story Polls are very effective in engaging the audience. It also is a very effective marketing and sales strategy.