Inspirational Ideas to Make Your Instagram Feed Look Stunning

Executive Summary:

  • Instagram is the leading social media platform
  • There are several ways to enhance your profile
  • BuyBetterSocial can give you more followers.

The internet is the newest revolution in the world. Humans have started using the internet for all jobs. It has made life tremendously easy. There is the use of the internet in marketing and social media as well. Social media is a boon if used correctly. It can be effectively used in marketing and advertising. That needs creativity and the quest to make useful posts every time. Also, even personal accounts need some beautiful pattern. If they follow a specific flow of content and posts, they can strike the right chord with the audiences.

More About Instagram

  • Instagram is an American social media platform which was initially released in 2010. Today, it is owned by Facebook Inc.
  • It has over billions of accounts of users from all over the world. It is one of the largest and fastest-growing networks.
  • It can be used to make posts or put up stories which are visible for 24 hours.
  • This stuff can be viewed by the people following your account if you have a private account and by any other user if you have a public account.

How To Make Your Instagram Feed Better?

Instagram is a place where you can share all your most profound and honest feelings and views about anything and everything. The sensitivity and the sensibility of your page will be maintained in good condition only if you strive to do so.

  1. Keep your feed consistent:
  • Consistency is vital in social media. Social media tends to reflect who you are. So, if you keep the feed as consistent as your personality, it will attract more followers.
  • It is suggested to use the same kind of filter or those which are more or less similar to keep the feed consistent.
  • It is not necessary to keep on using the same filter for every single post you make. But, you can keep the undertone of the pictures similar.
  • Also, the lighting in the pictures plays a vital role. It adds great beauty to the entire picture. If the lighting arrangements are kept similar in each photo, or they are edited to be identical to each other, this will boost consistency.
  1. Choose the best aesthetic that suits your theme:
  • Indeed, one cannot follow a rigid theme for every post. It is impossible to stick to the same colour scheme and background for every picture you take.
  • So, it is easier to stick to a familiar aesthetic. You can choose an aesthetic which matches your theme.
  • For instance, if your page is about nature, you can go for natural hues like blue or yellow.
  • If you are going for fashion blogging or so, you can have a colourful theme, and if you are promoting your brand, you should match the aesthetic of your page with the products you are offering.
  • It is an excellent way of enhancing the Instagram feed and making it more creative and appealing.
  1. Post Only Those Photos Which Fit In The Theme:
    • The theme of the page should be followed meticulously. If there is any post which is out of place, it can create a wrong impression.
    • If you are following a specific colour theme, breaking it is not advisable. Also, if your posts follow a particular subject, it should be maintained
    • If you happen to post something that is not related to the theme, you can keep it posted for a while but delete the post as soon as the purpose of the post is served.
    • One should take out time to think about the posts and then design the feed correctly. Maintaining a good Instagram profile needs time and dedication.

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