Metrics That Matter: The Complete Guide to Instagram Stories Analytics

Executive summary:

  • Instagram, the place to grow your brand on an online platform
  • Instagram analytics are mechanizing the growth or declining your business account.
  • The myths related to Instagram algorithms should be broken.
  • BuyBetterSocial helps in gaining viewership for your account.

There are myths involved in how Instagram functions that might get a new user brand apprehensive about trying to establish their brand on Instagram. Certain algorithms do come into play for handling your account, but dwelling in myths and these misconceptions may obstruct the growth of the brand to its full potential. Therefore, this article here can let you know what is to be expected.

1. More about Instagram and its myths about the functioning

  • Instagram is a social media website that is gaining a huge fanbase because of its user-friendly interface.
  • It has options for uploading pictures, videos, articles, and has many other features, one of them being Insights, which is useful for Business accounts.
  • For consumer brands, it is necessary to have a social media presence via Instagram.
  • There are many myths regarding the Instagram algorithms that make users question the credibility.
  • It is important to know how this algorithm works to curate your account, as a business venture, or even for personal fun.

2. Busting these Instagram Myths

1. Shadowbanning Instagram Profiles

  • This means that your Instagram posts can be blocked if found to be using the same hashtag over a post, in a huge number.
  • Instagram has confirmed that it does not block people’s posts if they use too many hashtags etc.
  • No such thing exists.

2. Switching to a business account affects you negatively.

  • The myth is that once you switch, the prior engagements of yours are reviewed negatively, that is, there is a drop in your viewership.
  • This is false, as there is no evidence of its business account provides you more features.

3. Penalizing story views

  • Views of your Instagram stories are yours alone.
  • As an influencer, IG stories help in engaging fans, and Instagram has no business in penalizing your account for it.

4. The pressure to post every single day

  • It is important to be active on Instagram if you are on the look-out for growing your business.
  • However, there is no obligation that you have to post every single day.

5. Stealing of Content

  • Instagram has strict rules for reposting your content and protecting your ownership rights.
  • Instagram does not steal your posts to use it the way they see fit; if they use it, it will be by reposting UGCs legally.

6. Reduced viewership of your content

  • Instagram does not meddle with who views your content, so it does not show your content to just a 7% audience. It is false.
  • If you have enough followers and are looking for increasing the audience, then Instagram algorithms help you to achieve that target.

7. A compulsion to reply to comments within 24 hours

  • For business accounts trying to make their social media presence felt, it is important to stay active.
  • However, this should not be a compulsion.

8. High expenditure on IG ads

  • Not all ads require financial investment to cut through the clutter.
  • The Instagram algorithm is hard to beat.
  • If anything, then this algorithm is based out on the functioning of the user account.
  • So, it helps in increasing the target and not downsizing it in any way.

9. Professional, not amateur

  • Most professionals have started as an amateur.
  • You don’t need to be a professional photographer or blogger, take the plunge and start.

Metrics That Matter: The Complete Guide to Instagram Stories Analytics

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Fear not and the go-ahead to use Instagram to make your account grown as you sustain your business and marketing strategies in an increasingly technology-oriented world.