The Easiest Way for Adding GIFs: Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out

Executive Summary:

  • Instagram is very popular
  • GIFs can be added to Instagram stories
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The internet is the order of the day. Instagram is one of the most excellent applications on the internet, where the world has come closer. People have reunited with their closed ones and established contact with their family and friends. It is a social media platform where you can post your heart out and share what you feel about a sure thing. Thoughts are very powerful, and so are the posts one makes on Instagram. Instagram allows one to post pictures or put up stories on the profile. Though these stories disappear in after 24 hours, they have a more lasting impact on the audiences.

Something About Instagram

    • Instagram is one of the largest social networks in the world of internet. Facebook Inc owns it.
    • It lets the account holder make posts and set stories on the profile. The posts remain on the profile forever, whereas the stories stay only for one day.
    • The stories can be edited and enhanced using beautiful filters and stickers. One of the editing options is the use of GIFs.

What are GIFs?

  • A GIF means ‘Graphics Interchange Format’. It is an animated image which can be added to a picture to make it look more attractive.
  • The GIFs are bitmap images which were first developed in 1987. They can communicate ideas, thoughts, and emotions better than any other sort of emoticons.
  • In the last few years, GIFs have become vastly popular and are used widely by many Instagram users as well. They can be used very effectively on the stories which catch the attention of the followers of the account.

How to Add GIFs?

People are used to adding stories on Instagram. Some share their daily routine; some share something unique that has happened with them while those involved in social media marketing promote their brands and products. It is pretty simple to add GIFs to Instagram stories.

    • Firstly, you need to create the content for your Instagram story. It can be an image, a video or even a meme. A photo can be clicked from the app itself. Also, one can take a video. There are various types of videos, like boomerangs. One can also create a story of their own by typing the content that you want to post.
    • You then need to position the image correctly, and if you have supplemented it with a caption, you have to keep it readable. Its position and colour should be such that it is easily seen on the content.
    • Next, you need to tap on the icon given for stickers. It is present in the ribbon on top of the screen. There are various options like hashtags and polls which are available here.
    • Once you tap on it, there is a set of emoticons and stickers which pops up. This set has an icon for GIF stickers as well. You have to tap on it to open the gateway of a brilliant collection of GIFs.
    • Also, there appears a search bar in which you can type the name of the emotion, idea or the expression for which you want a GIF sticker.
    • It will show various options which are of different colours, sizes and concepts and some of them are filtered according to their popularity. You have to select the one you like.
    • After you select a GIF, you have to pinch it and drag it to the location on the story where you want to position it.
    • You can adjust its size and position the GIF on your story such that it will enhance its look and attract the followers to it.
    • One can also plan your GIFs and leave appropriate space in the story. This template can later be used by inserting the appropriate GIF and posting the story.

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Making the correct use of GIFs in Instagram stories makes them far more attractive and useful. It is hugely beneficial even when it comes to social media marketing.