The Most Powerful Tips for Running Instagram Ad Campaign

Executive Summary:

  • Visual content is effectively viewed and circulated through Instagram
  • Ads on Instagram should be expertly made for the target audience using research and analysis.
  • Here are the steps to creating an effective ad campaign on Instagram

Instagram is a place to market and engage the audience through visual content. It was initially made to post images only. Soon with changing growth and type of audience, the purpose and scope of Instagram have become varied and huge. You must understand who your target audience is. The steps to create an effective ad campaign have been explained step-wise.

What are the critical steps to making an Ad Campaign

  1. Research
  2. Campaign Objective
  3. Targeting
  4. Creative
  5. Tracking

Research Your Competitors

  • It is essential that you research who your competitors are before you decide your ad campaign
  • Check what type of advertisements they are using to engage their target audience.
  • Look out of the kind of call-to-actions they are using.
  • See the insights, that is, how the audience is responding to their ads and how much the engagement is.
  • Competitive research is an effective method.
  • Go to your competitor’s Instagram account and go through their mobile website.
  • Check their product page and click on specific products.
  • Go back and scroll through the Instagram feed, and you will notice that ads pop up related to their mobile website will appear as sponsored.
  • Repeat this process with other competitors by clicking the link on their bios and see if the same thing happens or not.
  • It can show you how effective their ad campaigns are.

Create Campaign Objectives

  • Campaign objectives are the objectives that determine what you want your audience to do when they see your ad on Instagram.
  • Get more followers via com and make your ads get more high-quality audience.
  • Instagram offers several campaign objectives for you to choose from accordingly.
  • The campaign objective you select will affect how your ads are optimised and how much you pay for the ads.
  • If you want to get more followers, click-throughs on your ad will not be necessary.
  • The campaign objectives that are available on Instagram are as follows:

1. Brand Awareness

To create awareness about your brand by increasing reach.

2. Reach

It makes your ad reach the maximum number of viewers.

3. Traffic

To increase traffic and clicks on your website, you can optimize your campaign objective.

4. App installs

It encourages your viewers to go to the store to purchase or download your app.

5. Engagement

This objective ensures more and more people can see and interact with your content or posts on your page. It allows them to get involved by commenting, sharing, liking, event responses, and offer claims.

6. Video Views

To help promote your videos that showcase behind-the-scenes footage, customer testimonials, or product launches can help promote your brand or your account.

7. Conversions

This is when you turn your audience into your customers by motivating them to buy or make a purchase of your product. Create and install Facebook pixel before you take steps of selling e-commerce products as Instagram is now under Facebook. It will allow you to see how many sales occurred via the ads.

Set Up Your Targeting

  • It is the part where you find your target audience, that is, who is your potential customer.
  • Instagram ads have targeting options based on location, demographics, interests, hobbies, etc.
  • The basic level of targeting involves finding the target country, gender and age-group that prefers content similar to your ad.
  • It gets further improvement when you narrow down your target to the correct audience with target marketing.
  • Create a Custom Audience based on specific targeting options. They are the ones who have already visited your website and have shared their information with you.
  • A custom audience is a better target for your ads and results in reaching campaign objectives successfully.
  • Upload a database of emails or phone numbers and then use the target ads to these viewers on Instagram.
  • Lookalike audiences are the other kind where audience similar to your custom audience gets exposed to ads by identifying common qualities in these users.
  • Audience Insights is another tool found on Facebook that can help you make decisions about whom to target.
  • Google Analytics is another way to track the traffic to your website, collect this demographic data.

Build a creative

There are several kinds of Instagram ads:

● Photo ads

These ads feature products of your business and have a Learn More option that can help your viewers look further into the products.

● Carousel ads

These ads are simply a series of images with products in a view that can be swiped to see more. A call-to-action option redirects them to the website to learn more about these products.

● Video ads

You can make up to 60 seconds long video. The first 30 seconds of the video is crucial and should be gripping enough. Stick to a single theme and blend with the feed and interest of the audience.

● Slideshow ads

These are lightweight ads that are comprised of a series of still images of products in a slide show with a call-to-action option to learn more about the products.

Track Your Engagement and Conversions

  • Edit and optimize your Instagram ad campaign when it is running and active.
  • Performance metrics and target audience who have responded shall be carefully checked so that it can become an inspiration for a better ad campaign later.

The Most Powerful Tips for Running Instagram Ad Campaign

Thus, using to grow high-quality followers and views as well as clicks can be useful for your ad campaigns in the future.