How to Block Someone That Blocked You on Instagram

By: Val Razo

How to Block Someone Who Blocked You on Instagram: Navigating the Block Maze

Ever felt the sting of realizing someone has blocked you on Instagram? It’s a mix of confusion, frustration, and curiosity. Why did they block you? And more importantly, is there a way to block someone who already blocked you on Instagram? You’re not alone in this digital dilemma. But don’t fret; we’ve got the ultimate guide to help you navigate this tricky terrain and take back control.

Identifying if You’ve Been Blocked

So, you’ve got a hunch that someone has blocked you on Instagram. Maybe it’s that friend who didn’t appreciate your cat memes, or perhaps it’s a mysterious stranger who didn’t like your dance moves. Whatever the reason, you’re here to find out the truth.

First things first, let’s look for the signs. If you’ve been blocked, their username won’t show up in the search bar. It’s like they’ve vanished into thin digital air. Poof! Gone! Try searching for them, and if they’re nowhere to be found, it might be a sign they’ve hit the block button on you.

But wait, there’s more! Check your follower list. If they were once a follower and now they’re missing, it’s like a digital breadcrumb leading you to the conclusion that you’ve been blocked. It’s a bit like a detective game, isn’t it?

Identifying if You've Been Blocked 

Now, let’s sprinkle in some statistics to give you a broader perspective. As of 2023, Instagram has over 1 billion active users. That’s a lot of potential blockers and blockees, right? With such a vast user base, it’s no wonder that the block feature is an essential tool for managing interactions.

So, have you found the someone who blocked you? Or are you still playing the Instagram detective game? Either way, understanding these signs is the first step in your journey to block someone who blocked you back. It’s a wild world out there on Instagram, so buckle up, and let’s dive into the next section!

Will the Person Who Blocked You See Your Content?

Ah, the age-old question of digital hide and seek: if someone has blocked you on Instagram, will they still see your posts? It’s like asking if a tree falls in the forest and no one’s around, does it make a sound? But fear not, dear reader, we’re here to unravel this mystery.

First off, let’s talk about Instagram’s policy on content visibility after blocking. When someone blocks you, they won’t see your posts, stories, or any other content. It’s like you’ve become invisible to them. But here’s the twist: your profile is still searchable. Yep, they can still find you if they look hard enough, but your content will remain hidden. It’s like a digital invisibility cloak!

Now, let me share a personal experience with you. I once had to block a user who was constantly spamming my posts. Annoying, right? But here’s the kicker: I realized they had blocked me first, and I had to use the method of tagging them in a comment to block them back. It was like a game of digital tag, and I was determined to win!

So, in a nutshell, if someone has blocked you on Instagram, they won’t see your posts, but your profile is still searchable. It’s a delicate balance of visibility and invisibility, a dance of digital shadows. But hey, at least now you know the rules of the game! Ready to play?

Strategies to Block Someone Who Blocked You

Blocking someone on Instagram who has already blocked you can feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. But don’t worry, we’ve got the cheat codes! Here are some strategies to help you navigate this digital maze.

Using a Computer’s Web Browser

Want to block someone the old-fashioned way? Just visit their profile on a computer’s web browser and click on the three dots to block someone on Instagram. It’s like playing a video game with cheat codes!

Adding Both Accounts to a Group DM

Slide into the DMs, but make it strategic. You can create a group chat containing both accounts and then block them from there. It’s like a secret agent mission in the world of Instagram Direct.

Looking for Photos They’ve Been Tagged In

Looking for Photos They’ve Been Tagged In

Put on your detective hat and find their profile by looking for photos they’ve been tagged in. Once you find them, you can block someone who already blocked you. It’s like playing digital hide and seek!

Tagging Them in a Comment

Want to block them back? Just tag them in a comment, and then block that person. It’s like leaving a digital calling card before making your grand exit!

Using Automation Tools like Socinator

If you’re feeling tech-savvy, you can use Instagram automation tools like Socinator. Just use the filtration option to block them. It’s like having a digital butler to do your bidding!

Blocking Through Group Chat

Create a group chat containing your original account and the one you want to block. After entering the group chat, you can block them. It’s like hosting a digital party and then showing them the door!

Searching Their Profile

Use the Instagram search bar to find their profile and then block them. It’s one of the most effective ways to block someone. It’s like using a digital compass to find your way!

Using Tagged Posts

Another way to block them is to go to their profile through tagged posts. It’s like following digital breadcrumbs to your destination!

Creating an Alternate Account

You can block someone who blocked you by creating an alternate account. Just click on the three dots to block someone on Instagram. It’s like having a digital disguise!

Using Three Instagram Accounts

Feeling adventurous? Use multiple accounts to block the person who has blocked you. It’s like a digital game of chess, and you’re the grandmaster!

These strategies are like a digital toolkit to help you navigate the complex world of Instagram blocking. Whether you’re a tech novice or a digital ninja, these tips can help you block someone who has blocked you. So go ahead, take control of your digital space, and may the odds be ever in your favor!.

Don’t Forget to Block Their Alt Accounts

Ever felt the relief of blocking someone on Instagram, only to find out they’re back with a vengeance on a different account? You’re not alone. Blocking on Instagram is a common practice, but what many don’t realize is the importance of blocking alternate accounts.

Approximately 15% of Instagram users have blocked someone in the past year. But here’s the catch: savvy users often have backup or alternate accounts. These “alt” accounts can be used to bypass your block and continue their pesky behavior.

Don't Forget to Block Their Alt Accounts

Let me share a personal story. A friend of mine was harassed by an anonymous account. Frustrated and desperate for peace, they blocked the account. But, to their dismay, the harasser came back through another account. They had to play a game of cat and mouse, blocking multiple accounts until they finally got some respite. They used the method of creating an alternate account to block the person who had blocked them. It’s a tactic that’s both clever and effective.

So, the next time you block someone on Instagram, take a moment to consider: have you checked for their other Instagram accounts? It might save you a lot of future headaches. And remember, if someone’s determined enough, they might just create a new account to bypass your block. Stay vigilant and keep your online space safe!

Note: Always prioritize your safety and well-being. If you feel threatened or harassed, consider reporting the account to Instagram and seeking additional support.

How to Know Who Blocked You on Instagram

Ever had that sinking feeling when you can’t find someone on Instagram? You’re not alone. It’s a common dilemma: figuring out if you’ve been blocked or if the user simply vanished. But don’t fret! There are ways to determine if you’ve been given the digital cold shoulder.

Accessing Instagram Settings

Ever tried searching for someone and they just…disappeared? It’s like a magic trick, but not the fun kind. If you can’t find their account or see their profile image, there’s a chance you’ve been blocked. But don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Sometimes, they might have just changed their username or took a break from the ‘gram. So, before you start thinking they’ve vanished into thin air, access your Instagram’s settings and see if you’re still able to view their profile. If not, well, you might just have your answer.

Contacting Instagram Support

Now, if you’re like my friend Dave (not the one from the article, another Dave), you might be thinking, “Why not just contact Instagram support?” Well, Dave tried that. And while they’re helpful for many things, they won’t exactly spill the beans on who’s blocked you. But hey, it’s worth a shot if you’re feeling particularly detective-y today.

Contacting Instagram Support

Check out this case study about Understanding Instagram’s Blocking Mechanism. This in-depth study dives into the nitty-gritty of Instagram’s blocking feature. It’s not just about hitting the ‘block’ button. There’s a whole science behind it. The study sheds light on the challenges users face when they try to block someone who’s already blocked them. It’s like a game of cat and mouse, but on a social media platform. The case study emphasizes the importance of understanding Instagram’s policies and provides valuable insights into user behavior and preferences. So, if you’re an Instagram user and you’re trying to figure out the methods to block another user on Instagram, this is a must-read.

Remember, while it might sting a bit to find out someone’s blocked you, it’s essential to respect their decision and move on. After all, there’s a whole world of Instagram out there waiting for you to explore! And who knows, maybe they’ll come around and unblock you someday. Until then, happy ‘gramming!


We’ve all been there. You’re scrolling through your favorite social media platform, Instagram, and suddenly you come across someone you’d rather not see. Maybe it’s an ex, a frenemy, or just someone whose content no longer aligns with your interests. Whatever the reason, you decide to block them. But what if they’ve already blocked you? Is there a way around it?

While it’s essential to respect privacy and boundaries, there are possible ways to navigate this situation. Remember, the digital world is vast, and sometimes, you might want to try to reach out for reconciliation or clarity.

In this journey, we’ve explored the intricacies of Instagram’s blocking features, the reasons behind why someone might block you, and the steps to potentially connect even after a block. But here’s a gentle reminder: always prioritize positive interactions and content creation. Instead of focusing on the negatives, let’s channel our energy into creating content that resonates with our audience and brings joy to our digital space.

Remember, Instagram, like any other platform, is a tool. It’s up to us how we wield it. Whether you’re trying to reconnect with someone or simply exploring the app’s features, always approach it with respect, understanding, and a dash of humor. After all, in the vast world of social media, a little laughter goes a long way.

How Do I Block Someone Who Has Already Blocked Me on Instagram?


How do I block someone who has already blocked me on Instagram?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to block someone who has already blocked you on Instagram. When someone blocks you, they essentially remove all interaction with your account, including the ability for you to block them back. However, there are a few workarounds you can try.

Can I still send a DM to someone who has blocked me on Instagram?

No, if someone has blocked you on Instagram, you won’t be able to send them any direct messages (DMs) through Instagram Direct. The block prevents any form of contact between the two accounts.

What happens when I try to visit the profile of someone who has already blocked me on Instagram?

If someone has blocked you on Instagram, you won’t be able to visit their profile. When you search for their username, their profile won’t appear in the search results, indicating that they have blocked you.

Can I block someone who has already blocked me on Instagram by using a group?

No, unfortunately blocking someone who has already blocked you on Instagram using a group is not possible. The block is unilateral and cannot be reversed or overridden by any other actions, such as using group features.

Why is the profile of someone who has blocked me still searchable on Instagram?

While someone who has blocked you on Instagram won’t be visible in the search results when you search for their username, their Instagram profile can still appear in the search results when other users search for it. This is because the block is specific to your account and only affects your interactions with the blocked user.

What should I do if I want to reach out to someone who has blocked me on Instagram?

If you need to contact someone who has blocked you on Instagram, the best option is to try reaching out to them through a different channel, such as their email or other social media platforms where you are not blocked. Keep in mind that they may have blocked you for a reason and may not be receptive to your attempts to communicate.

Can I block someone who has blocked me on Instagram from viewing my posts or tagging me?

No, if someone has blocked you on Instagram, they won’t be able to view your posts or tag you in any of their own posts. The block prevents any form of interaction between the two accounts.

Will I still be able to see the following and followers of someone who has blocked me on Instagram?

No, if someone has blocked you on Instagram, you won’t be able to see their following and followers. The block limits all access to their profile and removes any visibility of their interactions within the app.

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