BuyBetterSocial Acquires Domain: A New Era for Instagram App

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In a significant development in social media and photo editing, has recently acquired, an Instagram / photo editing app. This acquisition marks a new chapter in the evolution of social media platforms and photo editing tools, bringing together the strengths of both entities. domain acquired by

PhotoForge2: A Powerful Photo Editing Tool

PhotoForge2 has been a game-changer in the realm of photo editing, offering a plethora of features that cater to the needs of both amateur and professional photographers. The app provides complete layers functionality, including opacity and blend modes, free scaling, rotation, and translation. Users can create and edit layer masks, duplicate and merge, and copy and paste masks between layers.

The app also boasts of powerful tools such as curves & levels with RGB, CMYK, and LAB colorspaces, sharpening & noise reduction, color mixer and colorize, HSL & channel mixer controls, and precise image cropping, resizing, and rotation.

Filters and FX

PhotoForge2 is renowned for its wide array of filters and FX. Users can customize their film, lens, flash, and much more to create stunning photographs with the Pop! Cam add-on. The app offers great black & white and sepia filters, a powerful high-pass filter, and over 30 different customizable filters including Lomo, Gothic, Dreamy, and Vintage 3D.

Social Media and The Cloud

In the social media and cloud storage era, PhotoForge2 stands out with its built-in social media support. Users can upload their edited images directly to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, Picasa, and Tumblr. The app also offers full FTP support, allowing users to email or save their creations to the photo album.

Other Features

PhotoForge2 supports full resolution image editing and allows users to view 1:1 image size at any point or zoom to view all pixels. It loads most popular RAW formats, allows users to edit IPTC and GPS photo data, and even add frames and textures to their photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

PhotoForge2 was a universal application that runs natively on the iPad and iPad2. It requires at least iOS 4.2 and can run on any device that can install iOS 4.2 or greater. This includes iPhone 3G or newer, iPod Touch 2nd gen or newer, and all iPads.

The Future with BuyBetterSocial

The acquisition of PhotoForge2 by promises to bring new and exciting developments. With BuyBetterSocial’s expertise in social media, the future of domnain looks brighter than ever.

As we move forward, we look forward to seeing how this acquisition shapes the future of photo editing and social media interaction.

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