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By: Val Razo

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  • Influencers and bloggers can use paid partnerships on Instagram to get higher engagement and valuable insights.
  • Get valuable information on paid partnerships and how the feature works to increase engagement.
  • You can boost engagement with the help of the services on

The paid partnership feature dawned on the lives of several influencers and bloggers on Instagram in 2017. The FTC has created rules and measures to crack the violating strategies used by businesses and influencers to generate revenue and boost engagement. The paid partnership cuts down any such risks and helps users get high engagement and valuable insight data on Instagram. In compliance with the FTC, here are the facts and information enlisted about paid partnerships that you must know to generate engagement.

Why is Paid Partnership Essential?

  • Instagram, benign driven by influencers, has become a place for brands to use such influencers to promote their products.
  • Launching sponsored campaigns by influencers in collaboration is highly effective in getting high traffic and revenue to reach the right target audience.
  • Users can also get to know about the utility of the products when the influencers state them.
  • In this regard, FTC planned to set rules for influencers using the paid partnership feature for transparency and consistency of paid or sponsored content on Instagram.

What is Paid partnership Feature?

  • The paid partnership feature helps disclose a sponsored post to the audience as well as helps the business gather valuable insights on the kind of response and engagement the posts and campaigns are receiving.
  • It works on Instagram stories as well below the username of the story.
  • The business can see the reach and engagement stats for 14 days.
  • For this, turn on the partner approval.
  • Get high-quality followers and likes with

Does Paid partnership on Instagram follow FTC’s rules?

  • FTC does not approve completely of the feature marketed by Instagram to help users.
  • Commission of Endorsement Guides had once stated how the platform does not meet the FTC standards.
  • However, the feature helps businesses to get valuable insight into their users like how many taps, views, as well as repeat views occurred.
  • This gateway to valuable insight has given businesses a chance to monitor the success of their paid content, the influencer’s posts with accurately detailed metrics.

How to use Paid Partnership?

  • The feature of the paid partnership is available mostly to influencers, public figures, celebrities, as well as businesses.
  • One has to go to the options and scroll to look for branded content approvals.
  • Next, look for the require approvals button and switch it on.
  • When an influencer requests you for a sponsored content from your account, you must tap on approved accounts below the require approval option.
  • This section will reveal all the accounts you approved to sponsor and create content for you.
  • When the influencer tags you using the paid partnership feature, you will be able to get a notification for it on both Instagram and Facebook.

To remove tag

  • Go to the business manager section on Facebook and select the posts tab/stories tab.
  • Tap on the downward arrow next to the Influencer’s Instagram handle and select remove tag.
  • Or, on Instagram, click on the ellipsis button on the right side above the post and choose remove me from post.
  • The ellipsis is also on the bottom right side of stories.

Access paid Partnership insights

  • You will get insights on the branded content option of the Facebook insights page.
  • You can get the measure the report option as well.

How can Paid partnership Feature Increase Your Visibility on Instagram?

Paid partnership as an Influencer

  • Go to advanced settings on an Instagram post and tap the link option.
  • Choose the branded content and  tag business partner
  • Search the business you want to tag in the story. They will appear as a paid partnership once they add you under require approval.
  • You will find the business under the branded content section.

Thus, with these tips and information, you can easily do paid partnerships as an influencer or a business with access to insights.

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